Service to others is how we serve God. LPGBC offers many ways to offer your time and talents to serving in our church, in the community and to God.

Culinary Ministry

The purpose of the Culinary Ministry is to provide food service for approved church functions that are nutritious and served in a Christian hospitable environment.

Decorations Ministry

The Decorating Ministry is responsible for decorating the church for the seasons, holidays and other special occasions.  We assist in the vision of Little Piney Grove Baptist Church by creating a warm, inviting and welcoming church atmosphere.  Members don’t need to go to the library to find out what holy season they are in — they can simply walk into our church. Flowers, displays erected over the baptism pool, window vestments and other displays convey the season or event. We use specific colors to adorn the sanctuary to let worshippers know what season or festival on the church calendar is being celebrated: black cloths represent death and mourning; white cloth reflect the miracle of renewed life; red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, and green symbolizes eternal life.

Greeters Ministry

The LPGBC Greeters & Hospitality Ministries continues to ensure parishioners witness and experience God’s unconditional love in the Body of Christ at LPGBC. Our biblical reference Hebrews 13:2 -“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it” {NLT} truly reflects our purpose. Greeters are the first point-of-contact with the congregation; therefore, we wholeheartedly serve in the spirit of love!  Greeters ensure parishioners see and experience God’s unconditional love in the Body of Christ at LPGBC. The LPGBC Greeters serve during all worship services, Home going services and special events within and outside the confines of LPGBC. We also help visitors to form a positive first impression of LPGBC; hence, we continue to strive toward providing our “BIG HEART” to all who attend/visit our church. We graciously accept the responsibility and it is our goal to make everyone feel welcome and accepted, complementing the work of the ushers and Deacons.  Our primary function is to support our Ushers Ministry, Deacons, Trustees and Church administration.

Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministry provides and/or assists the pastor with whatever he needs or requests to carry out God’s mission of shepherding His people. The ministry also supports the Pastor spiritually, and emotionally, through a variety of activities and services that enhance the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry spearheads the church’s efforts in celebrating the pastor’s anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions. Overall, the Pastoral Care Ministry extends spiritual care to the “angel” God sent to Little Piney Grove Baptist Church.

Ushers Ministry (Men, Women, Junior)

The usher’s primary purpose is to SERVE. The cornerstone of ushering is COMMITMENT. Our goal is to exemplify Christ and our church through our service. The ministry of ushering is one of welcoming and caring for the congregation. The duties of the usher are simple but important. . They include welcoming the members of the congregation, assisting in seating, collecting and presenting the offerings, helping in emergency situations involving safety, and assisting in the service upon request. The ushers also distribute bulletins and clean up the church pews at the end of each service. Junior Ushers, ages 6-13, serve during Children’s Church and in the sanctuary on fifth Sundays with the women and men ushers.